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Website Splash Page Design

Concept: Create attractive splash pages that are consistent with individual companies look and feel

Strategy: Brand the website login in pages as an opportunity to  extend each companies marketing efforts with a targeted design

Design: Use images, colors and design elements from the companies current marketing to create a website splash page that is individually tailored to their corporate design

Results: Fun and interesting designs that are another piece of each corporate marketing effort. This gives the sales team an easy avenue to approach corporate clients with a well designed and branded package that already fits into their brand

Manufacturing Website

Concept: Create a website design that incorporated the look and feel of their brochures, and gave people the information they needed to make an informed decision about their replacement windows

Strategy: A website with a photo gallery of projects they had completed and window options for contractors to peruse

Design: Highlight the 3 window designs that are the core of their business and post a lot of information about choosing the best window design

Results: Uses a lot of pictures to give the feeling for the quality, style and design of the windows, yet makes it easy for the average user to look at window styles and get the information they need

Restaurant Branding

Concept: Create the look and feel for a casual upscale restaurant

Strategy: Elegant, not over stuffy, but still fun for a very diverse crowd that knows what they want, and they can afford to get it

Design: An entree menu and lunch “brochures” that create a fun inviting feeling, but still have the flourishes and sophistication of an upscale restaurant

Results: many compliments on the new design of their menu, praise for the interesting history included with the menu and higher revenues since the inception of their look and feel

Manufacturing Website

Concept: Build a solid look and feel for a product website

Strategy: Design a professional look for B&B’s online branding and using keywords to help optimize the site for the search engines to drive traffic

Design: Large pictures and minimal text to keep customers eye on the prize

Results: B&B has been able to upload, create and modify their own shopping cart to keep costs for their website down but still provide their products online with a professional feeling for their clients