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Corporate Romance Postcard

Concept: A postcard with an edgy style that would entice mortgage lenders to see what was inside

Strategy: Push the envelope

Design: An “office romance” theme. The whole design was kept simple with large pictures to help tell the story, but give the postcard an interesting look and feel

Results: The response rate, sales of the Push MX software and mortgage lenders knowledge of the product all increased while staying within the clients budget.

Tradeshow Banner

Concept: A tradeshow banner consistent with the Push MX look and feel

Strategy: Appeal to mortgage brokers, and savvy corporate people who ultimately buy the Push MX programs to enhance their services

Design: Use the Push MX logo and a testimonial from one of their customers to keep it simple

Results: The image was exciting and the style was fun and interesting

Target Market Brochure

corporate branding

Concept: Take multiple informational sheets and brand them with a look and feel into one cohesive set of marketing materials.

Strategy: Take the text heavy materials that were currently in use and create a style that uses photos to tell a story rather than text. Give potential clients and distributors the information they need to create a successful awards program without confusing them about the process.

Design: Use a “newspaper” style layout where you can change the layout of each page but still give an informational feel to the piece.

Each business category gets it’s own targeted piece to be given as stand alone information or given together as a total package solution.

Use subtle hints through the pictures of potential client types and selling points.

Results: Uses a lot of pictures to give the feeling of high end awards and promotional pieces, yet makes it easy for the “average Joe” to look at each business category and get the information they need