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Award Booklet Designs

Concept: Create attractive award booklets that are consistent with individual companies look and feel

Strategy: Brand the corporate award offerings as an opportunity to  extend each companies marketing efforts with a targeted design

Design: Use images, colors and design elements from the companies current marketing to create a booklet that is individually tailored

Results: Fun and interesting designs that are another piece of each corporate marketing effort. This gives the sales team an easy avenue to approach corporate clients with a well designed and branded package that already fits into their brand

Wakeboard Video

A little Idea I had for a wakeboard video style that looks like your playing a video game and entered it in a video contest.

I shot and edited this wakeboard video and ended up with something that is a fun style and shared the video with others in the wakeboard community we ended up having the best score for the amateur division of the contest.

Not bad for the first go round!

Tourism Guide

Concept: Create a “guide” to local businesses for tourists

Strategy: Simplify everything down and make it really easy for people to find the specific information they were looking for

Design: Have little maps on pages that needed to highlight the historic downtown, lakes and main city streets. Also we thought of highlighting the businesses that would be the biggest draw for tourists. We did this by creating special areas that highlighted business types such as restaurants, hotels and Faribault originals

Results: A very simple guide for tourists to follow, and see the highlights of a place with small town pride and big city opportunities

Tradeshow Banners

Concept: Brand a 3 city tourism campaign with one look and feel

Strategy: Create brochures, magazine ads, and other pieces with a great look and feel then incorporate that into tradeshow banners

Design: Create 3 different banners that would work together and look great, but also would work individually and still look wonderful

Results: 3 clients, 3 different cities one look and feel…brilliant