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Restaurant Branding

Concept: Create the look and feel for a casual upscale restaurant

Strategy: Elegant, not over stuffy, but still fun for a very diverse crowd that knows what they want, and they can afford to get it

Design: An entree menu and lunch “brochures” that create a fun inviting feeling, but still have the flourishes and sophistication of an upscale restaurant

Results: many compliments on the new design of their menu, praise for the interesting history included with the menu and higher revenues since the inception of their look and feel

Tourism Guide

Concept: Create a “guide” to local businesses for tourists

Strategy: Simplify everything down and make it really easy for people to find the specific information they were looking for

Design: Have little maps on pages that needed to highlight the historic downtown, lakes and main city streets. Also we thought of highlighting the businesses that would be the biggest draw for tourists. We did this by creating special areas that highlighted business types such as restaurants, hotels and Faribault originals

Results: A very simple guide for tourists to follow, and see the highlights of a place with small town pride and big city opportunities

Corporate Romance Postcard

Concept: A postcard with an edgy style that would entice mortgage lenders to see what was inside

Strategy: Push the envelope

Design: An “office romance” theme. The whole design was kept simple with large pictures to help tell the story, but give the postcard an interesting look and feel

Results: The response rate, sales of the Push MX software and mortgage lenders knowledge of the product all increased while staying within the clients budget.

Motorcycle Poster

Concept: Build a poster that would draw a large audience to an annual fundraiser

Strategy: Appeal to the “harley” style person, young and old alike

Design: Large visual pictures and a distressed feel

Results: The design met the clients goal by drawing a large crowd of motocycle enthusiasts to the event, raising money for the event, and staying within budget for the company