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Wakeboard Video

A little Idea I had for a wakeboard video style that looks like your playing a video game and entered it in a video contest.

I shot and edited this wakeboard video and ended up with something that is a fun style and shared the video with others in the wakeboard community we ended up having the best score for the amateur division of the contest.

Not bad for the first go round!

Music Teaser Video | Mark Allen Project

Concept: Teaser video for Mark Allen’s, solo debut album, “Whiskey Sweet”.

Strategy: A preview video to gain attention for his new album “Whiskey Sweet” drive customers to his website, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter

Design: Wrote, shot, produced and video taped an in depth interview with Mark about who he is as a musician, how he got to where he is and more. These clips could be used multiple times within his marketing.

Results: A branded video design and preview video that showcases Marks music, and gives a little preview of the DVD that was produced for his amazing journey to sun studio.

View more of Mark Allen and his new CD below

CD Available Here: http://www.markallenproject.com/whisk…
available on iTunes: “Whiskey Sweet”

Email Blast Design

Concept: Create an ongoing email campaign to inform customers, drive business, and keep our business top of mind.

Strategy: Fully customized style that is professional, recognizable, branded and fit their business needs.

Design: An email design that is branded, customizable, and tracks clicks/views to gauge ROI on the campaigns.

Results: A branded email design that can be used tool to drive sales.

Manufacturing Website

Concept: Create a website design that incorporated the look and feel of their brochures, and gave people the information they needed to make an informed decision about their replacement windows

Strategy: A website with a photo gallery of projects they had completed and window options for contractors to peruse

Design: Highlight the 3 window designs that are the core of their business and post a lot of information about choosing the best window design

Results: Uses a lot of pictures to give the feeling for the quality, style and design of the windows, yet makes it easy for the average user to look at window styles and get the information they need