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Tourism Guide

Concept: Create a “guide” to local businesses for tourists

Strategy: Simplify everything down and make it really easy for people to find the specific information they were looking for

Design: Have little maps on pages that needed to highlight the historic downtown, lakes and main city streets. Also we thought of highlighting the businesses that would be the biggest draw for tourists. We did this by creating special areas that highlighted business types such as restaurants, hotels and Faribault originals

Results: A very simple guide for tourists to follow, and see the highlights of a place with small town pride and big city opportunities

Marketing Brochure

Concept: Revise the design of their marketing brochure.

Strategy: Incorporate many of the needs stressed by a marketing committee. Redesign the look and feel to stress the desired points.

Design: The new look and feel is very professional and easy to read stressing the points of leadership goals, employer benefits and personal benefits from the leadership program.

Results: The result was a brochure that was well received by the community and the marketing committee.