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Music Video Preview | Mark Allen Project

Concept: Create a video that showcased the song “Down the Road” by Mark Allen.

Strategy: A preview video to gain attention for his new album “Whiskey Sweet” drive customers to his website, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter

Design: Wrote, shot, produced and video taped an in depth interview with Mark about who he is as a musician, how he got to where he is and more. These clips could be used multiple times within his marketing.

Results: A branded video design and preview video to be used for contest entries, and for potential customers to preview his Americana style music.

View more of Mark Allen and his new CD below

CD Available Here: http://www.markallenproject.com/whisk…
available on iTunes: “Whiskey Sweet”


Manufacturing Website

Concept: Build a solid look and feel for a product website

Strategy: Design a professional look for B&B’s online branding and using keywords to help optimize the site for the search engines to drive traffic

Design: Large pictures and minimal text to keep customers eye on the prize

Results: B&B has been able to upload, create and modify their own shopping cart to keep costs for their website down but still provide their products online with a professional feeling for their clients

Tradeshow Banners

Concept: Brand a 3 city tourism campaign with one look and feel

Strategy: Create brochures, magazine ads, and other pieces with a great look and feel then incorporate that into tradeshow banners

Design: Create 3 different banners that would work together and look great, but also would work individually and still look wonderful

Results: 3 clients, 3 different cities one look and feel…brilliant