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The core ideas behind my abilities.

Why are you so special? What sets you apart from the rest? What can you bring to our table?

That is what every business wants to know. So i thought why not just give that to them right off the bat. One simple way to do that is to have a question answer session. Below are the answers to your burning questions.

Hiring Manager: Are you creative?
Designer 4 Hire: Creativity has to do with the way someone solves problems. Many things in this world have been contemplated, resolved and the solution has been presented.

This is all fine and dandy until you come to the world of advertising and marketing. If clients present themselves the same way as all the other (insert your clients field of work here. Example: dentists, landscapers, banks, etc.) then they become just another blur in the memory of their potential customers.

My style is to help find the core of a clients business, and match that with an emotional response from their target market. In this way I give clients creative marketing concepts that set them apart from their competition.

HM: What resources do you feel you can bring to the team?
D4H: Boy, if I had a pot of gold I would sure bring it.
Since I don’t have that, how about concept development, being organized, communicating my conceptual ideas to clients and management, and then executing those ideas to completion. Would you consider those resources? I would.

HM: How do you communicate your ideas?
D4H: One thing I do that seems to really help is putting an idea into plain english for clients and being excited about those ideas.
It is all about excitement. If you are excited about an idea then so are your clients, and being able to show them how this idea will help their business is what they came to you for in the first place.

HM: What about concept development, how do you do that?
D4H: Through sketches, brainstorming and a try until you get it right attitude. Personally I think brainstorming is one of the most important steps in the creative process. After meeting with a client and finding what they are looking for it is important to brainstorm ideas, then do it again to further develop that idea into something that is wonderful. Just slapping the first template you find onto something is not graphic design. That is what your brother in-law would do for you.

HM: Can you execute those ideas too?
D4H: I graduated from UW-Stout with a degree in graphic design. After that I have done production design for newspapers and run my own advertising agency. There is extensive experience in graphic design for print and web, plus some knowledge of HTML code, CSS, user experience, email marketing and content management systems. If I can’t do it, then I’ll learn.

D4H: Still want to know more? Contact me and I can WOW you.